Flexible and alert, we bring you

the best legal advice around the world

in an integrated manner



In order to offer our clients the best legal advice in multi-jurisdictional transactions, we believe that such advice must be provided, in an integrated manner under the supervision of a main firm, by lawyers who are at the top of their profession in their respective jurisdictions and who enjoy solid knowledge of the laws and jurisprudence of said jurisdictions.

We have therefore developed privileged relationships with a number of independent law firms throughout the MENA region, Europe and the United States, to be able to bring to our clients excellence in the legal services they need in each country.

This approach allows us to provide high quality, “tailor-made” legal services in cooperation with major international law firms; at the same time, our relationships being all on non-exclusive basis, we reserve the option to work with the legal advisers chosen by our clients if they wish us to do so.